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Bronze Sculpture

Wu Jian Dao
Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture


Xuanfeng Li

Xuanfeng Li was born in Jilin , 1974. He got his B.A in Sculpture from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in 2000,

And his M.A in Fine Art from Nanjing University in 2008. Nowadays, He was the Associate dean of College

Of Fine Arts- Sculpture devision in Northeastern Normal University.


Member of China Artists Association
Member of China Sculptors Association
Member of China Arts and Crafts Sculpture Society Committee
Member of Jilin Artists Association


Year of 2002
     Work “Parade Step” was exhibited in The Yan’an Speech commemorating the 60th anniversary of the forum on the National Art Exhibition
     Work “Sweet Day” was showed on The China and Korea Sculpture Exchange Exhibition
     Work “Thirties” was exhibited in China Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition --- “Bridge”

Year of 2003
      Work “ The Right-Tilt Er Pang” was showed in The 2003 China Changchun international Sculpture Conference

      His work “Looking forward” got the third place in the Jilin Provence Second Youth Art Exhibition
      Work “ Trackers’ footprints” was invited to be showed in the 2003 Chongqing International Sand Sculpture Festival
      Work “ Memory - Past” was selected by the Tenth National Art Exhibition and got the second place

      In the Revitalization of Old industrial base Jilin Art Exhibition Award

Year of 2004
     Work “ Portrait of the Girl” was showed in the China and Korea Sculpture Exchange Exhibition

Year of 2006
     Work “Jump - Dream” was selected into the 2008 Beijing Olympic Landscape Sculpture Competition and got the Excellence Award
     Work “Portrait of the Girl” was selected to show in the Second China Art Exhibition

Year of 2007
     Work “Dance of Harmony” was selected into the China Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition --- “Match and Difference”
     Work “ Lost World” was selected into the 2007 Annual Shanghai International Sculpture Exhibition
     Work “Catcher” was selected into the Changbai Mountain International Art Camp
     Work “ Lost World” was selected into the China and Korea Exchange Exhibition of Plastic Art
 Work “Dance of Harmony” was showed in the 2007 Fan Sculpture Exhibition

Year of 2008
     Work “Harmony of Dance” was selected into the Third Beijing International Art Biennale
     Work “Palace White Feather” was showed in the Portrait Exhibition --- “Humanistic Platform”
     Work “Lost World” was showed in the Second World Sculpture Conference
     Work “Infernal Affairs” was selected into the First China MFA Best Collection Exhibition

Year of 2009
    Work “Dance of Harmony” was placed the Excellence award of the China Sculpture Hundreds Exhibition
    Work “Infernal Affairs” was selected into the Annual Exhibition of Chinese Sculpture