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Sculpture porcelain

Sculpture porcelain

Riding A Deer and Son
Sculpture porcelain


Yang Yu

Yang Yu was born in Qijiang Provence, Chongqing in the year of 1974. He studied at 

Sichuan Art Academy and majored in Sculpture during 1994 to1999.

From year 2001 to 2004, he studied at Chongqing University, College of Architecture and Urban
Planning and majored in Art Design. Since year 1999 to present,

Mr.Yu devoted himself to teach fine art in College of Fine Art, Chongqing University.

Experiences and Exhibitions

 1997  Work“Fort”was showed in the China Fine Art Big Show - Modern Sculpture Show in China Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing
 1997 Work“ Striving, Flying”was showed in the Sichuan Provence Sports Fine Art Show
 2001 Work“Mother and Son”was showed in the China Western Region Sculpture Touring Show
 2003 Held his personal Sculpture show in Chongqing University, College of Fine Art
 2004 Work“Days over the Clouds”was showed in China and Korea Fine Arts Exchange Show in Qingdao
 2004 Works“Entertaining Horse”,“Family of Monster”,“Stroller”and “Modern Fine Art and Design”were published in the

        “The Best Collection of Professors Works”
 2005 Work“Days over the Clouds”was showed at The Second term of Beijing International Fine Art

         Two-years show and was collected by the China Museum of Fine Arts
 2006 Work“Chinese Soccer” was rated to be the excellent work in Olympics Landscape and Sculpture Competition
 2006 Participated the Zhong Yi Art Work Auction of Spring 2006, Chongqing
 2006 Participated the  Aomeiling Space Summer Five person Show--- “The Complex of China” in Beijing
 2006 Participated the “ Migration - Drift” Exhibition, in Yanhuang Museum of Fine Arts, Yulantang, Beijing
 2006 Work“Journey, Father and Son” showed in the Third ‘Yuan Da Cup’ Beijing Biennale
  2007 Held his personal ceramics work show in Beijing -“The City of Demons and Monsters”
 2007 Published his book-“Collection of Ceramics Works by Yang Yu”by Sichuan Publishing Group,

          Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House
 2008 Ceramics work “ Blue Journey” was exhibited at The Ninth Dafen Asian Sculpture Show in Japan
          His work“Blue Journey”was the only work been selected to delegate Chinese artists to participate in this show
 2008 Participated the “ The Impression of Era”- China Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition in Shenzhen
 2008 Work“Construction Workers” was showed at Chongqing Construction Industry Building
 2009 Participated the The First China Sculpture Exhibition-“ China Attitude- Strait Wind”