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Pink Iris
Oil on Canvas

Blue Iris
Oil on Canvas

Yellow Iris
Oil on canvas

Iris I
Oil on Canvas

Iris II
Oil on Canvas

Iris Flowers
Oil on Canvas


Artist:  Ma Zaihuan
     Born in 1982 in Changchun, Jilin province of China, Ma Zaihuan started her formal training in drawing and painting when she was 7.

She attended art classes in elementary school and received private tutoring classes at home for many years before getting accepted by the art academy.
Ma ZaiHuan graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Jilin Art Academy with a BA degree in 2004.Since then, she has been working

As a full-time artist.Because of her outstanding accomplishments and academic scores as an art college student,

Ma ZaiHuan was honored by several national and provincial art exhibitions before her graduation, such as:

2001 –  The “Composition, Connection, and Decode Experiments Art Show”in Beijing 
2002 – “Young Artists Exhibition” in Beijing
2003 –  The “National College Festival Art Show” in Beijing
2003 – “Two-young Artists’ Paintings Show” in Jilin province
2004 –  The “National Excellent Graduates of Art Academies Show” in Beijing

In 2005, Ma Zaihuan produced and executed a “Three Artists Experimenting Art Show” in Beijing showing her and two others’ new works.

In 2006, Ma Zaihuan was honored to show her work in the famous national exhibition, “Excellent Paintings by Chinese Young Painters”

In 2007, Ma Zaihuan’s work was selected  and sold by the “Master Works by Contemporary Chinese Painters Show” held by Tao Water Gallery in Cape Cod, MA, USA.

Ma Zaihuan has gained growing praise for her flower paintings, in which she successfully mixes traditional Chinese brush painting techniques

With a realistic painting style. this search to combine the esthetic spirits of East and West has brought the artist to the edge of a new artistic

Trend in the world’s contemporary culture, which then helps to create a new circle of collectors. Ma Zaihuan’s work embodies the essential

Elements of what most people look for in life: peace, love, and purity. Ma Zaihuan is now represented by Finale Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe,

New Mexico, as one of the gallery’s major artists. The gallery is impressed by Ma’s superior realism painting skills and holds a strong belief

In this young artist’s promising potential in the future. Ma Zaihuan’s work actually attracts much attention and praise in the gallery and has appeared

In several art magazines such as American Art Collector, and Collector’s Guide.